This is Henry.

Every time I see a close up in a film of someone writing with a fountain pen I want one. Just thought I’d throw that in. It’s generally in films based on olden times.. So I think I’d need thick non-smooth papers too. Well thats that. On to the point.

My point was that I got my tomato plant. His name is Henry. I have wanted a tomato plant forever. Actually I’ve wanted a greenhouse forever. To grow tomatoes and cucumber. And then I can make fancy schmancy cucumber sandwiches and home-made scones and home-made jam and clotted cream for afternoon tea. My two best afternoon tea experiences: Oxford in Queens lane tea house with Dad, after my graduation. It was amazing. Crumbly beautiful scones I still dream about.  The second was with Carol (Hi Carol, come home) in Fowey in the hotel with no foundations. It was so nice! And it was the most beautiful day, we sat out on the balcony and had afternoon tea. Amazing I tell you. That was when we were there for the Daphne du Maurier (GENIUS writer) festival. Yes I am that much of a nerd. But that’s another day’s story. Anyway, greenhouse. Richie keeps going on about giant windows and how he shall fashion them into a greenhouse. But if it happens I’ll eat my hat. And will post pics of the meal I make with it and post them up. So in the meantime I shall care for my single tomato plant. I shall provide him with water and food and a larger pot and a bamboo stick when he starts to grow up. And he shall provide me with tomatoes come June. And I shall eat them. And use them in many recipes.

Here is Henry:

He looks like a Henry doesn’t he? His label is falling off though… But that’s ok. I patched him right up after the photo was taken. I am planning to be a doctor after all 🙂

So given the theme I was thinking I shall introduce a gardening section. Maybe. I just tend to sporadically help out with it all. Dad does most of the work. I do most of the eating.

Generally we grow potatoes, carrots, onions, peas (and plenty of them) cabbage, round lettuce, turnips, beetroot (that never gets eaten) parsnips, eeehhh… I think that’s it? To any sad and forgotten vegetable, I apologise.

The peas and carrots are my speciality. I can put them away like there’s no tomorrow. Thus my having to go spinning today. Well actually it’s more like the vast quantities of chocolate/chocolate cake etc that leads to my having to go spinning today. I hear that it’s like hell on earth. Eeek. But what’s gotta be done…Expect to hear of pain tomorrow…

I fear that this healthy streak may be slightly countered by the introduction into my life of proper food colouring that Mary brought me back from the foreign lands. There are 8. 8! I am really quite excited to make something that takes food colouring to make. Any suggestions? I have one idea but its a surprise. But it’ll make for some excellent pictures methinks. Is the suspense just killing you? Well you’ll have to wait til the weekend cos I have no time to bake these days. Although that bread flour is just sitting there, staring at me. It seems to inch nearer to the yeast on a daily basis. Wonderful bread.. mmmm..

Right well I shall go transform my notes into word docs now. Farewell good readers. Until tomorrow! Or later..

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