Things I have learned today:

Things I have learned today:

1. Do not go in to check the sheep without sheepfeed.

2. Sheep make excellent puppy dog eyes.

3. I have guilt issues.

4. Bees find me irresistible.

5. A ten minute walk will always turn into a 2 hour walk if I have a camera

6. Despite my best intentions, study never actually gets done.

7. Hannah wants pick and mix.

Now some of these are unexplainable. And some I shall now explain.

I woke up this morning expecting the usual buckets of rain. I opened the curtains..

When I was revived it was gently broken to me that that orb of gold in the sky was called the ‘Sun’, and that it comes to Ireland once or twice a decade. With that I hopped up, dusted myself off and dashed out into the air, grabbing my camera on the way.

The wonderful thing about living in the back arse of nowhere is that you’re not really going to meet too many people on the way down the lane, so you can look like crap and get away with it. And I do!

Anywho, so off down the road I went, stopping every so often to snap a photo or two, as you do. And I thought I’d just check and see none of the sheeples were in trouble lambing or any such thing. I had no sooner opened the gate and taken 10 steps in before I heard ‘baaaaaa-eeeeeehhhhh’ and wheeled around to see sheep hurtling towards me at an alarming speed.

Ah. Yes. Sheep love sheep feed. Its like cocaine or something. Or just me and chocolate. Anyway, despite my normally having pockets full of the stuff, you may remember I had merely grabbed my camera and left earlier. Thus I was feed free.

This didn’t go down so well with the sheeples.

‘EH.. Lads. I don’t see food appearing. Is she having a laugh or what?’

Wh.. wh.. where’s our foood….?

‘Children, gather round. I have some bad news. I’m afraid… there is no sheepfeed…’ ‘But, mum.. I don’t understand. What do you mean.. I’m.. I’m hunnngry…’ ‘Well children.. that lady is a bad person. She comes into our field without our beloved sheep nuts’

‘Just.. Just don’t look at her, children’

‘I can’t believe you’d do this to us!’

As I leave.. they huddle together, unsure of how to approach this turn of events..

‘Well I don’t know what she’s at. Coming in here and not a sheep nut with her. What’s the world coming to!’

And I left the field, knowing that the broken hearts of all of the fluffy sheep would play on my mind for the whole day. The sun shone a little less bright after that..

However, I knew I must prevail, and so moving on.. I continued on my pleasant amble to the beach.

I love my beach.

When I say beach, I mean Estuary. Its just easier to call it a beach.

Here it is:

It’s super pretty. We bring the horses down here when the tide is out to race on the sand. Best fun ever let me tell you. Been a while since I been out tho. Must do that next time I’m home!

And just to explain number 4 back up there: I was followed around by bees today. I don’t know why. I did have honey and lemon hand cream on. Maybe it’s the revenge of the bees. But I knew that nobody would believe me that I was beeing (haha) stalked by the buggers (or buzzers, oh I’m outdoing myself tonight I tell you) so I managed to snap a picture of one of them:

That’s a bee there. Just so ya know.

Any thoughts on why they were following me today? I am at a loss.. Perhaps I shall find that I am a natural bee person..

Hmmm.. I appear to be rambling just a tad more than usual. It is rather late and I’m rather tired. And I’m going to leave my photo tour of the estuary for another day! So now you have something to look forward to.

Until next time my dear peoples…

7 thoughts on “Things I have learned today:

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  2. You have finally lost your mind… What have I learned today? I learned that I have a bloodshot eye and have no idea how that happened. Oh, I love your lamb, very cute. What’s its name? I’d call it chops 🙂


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