Spaghetti & Meatballs – Lady and the Tramp style… Food for Romance Cookalong

This #Romanticcooking cookalong.. Whether or not you buy into Valentines I’m sure at some time or other you want to have some kind of slightly romantic meal. I couldn’t tell you when my first real romantic moment was (well I could but I won’t), but this was definitely one of the first visions of romance. … Continue reading

Chocolate molten lava cakes..

Yes. You heard me. See for yourself… Yes. These are seriously good. I’m a firm believer in dessert before/instead of dinner, especially since it was the #romancecooking cookalong, so I’m posting this before my beloved dinner recipe (Think Lady and the tramp, love it!). And this dessert embodies romantic food… Make it for any special … Continue reading

Sushi, eh? An irishfoodies cookalong recipe!

Well it was a Friday evening. The first Friday of August. What else would we be doing but an (now regularly scheduled) irish foodies cookalong session. The theme: Seafood. Anything and everything that one could think of on a seafood theme. This is what becomes of discussing mussels on twitter! Well, being a recent sushi … Continue reading