Chocolate molten lava cakes..

Yes. You heard me. See for yourself… Yes. These are seriously good. I’m a firm believer in dessert before/instead of dinner, especially since it was the #romancecooking cookalong, so I’m posting this before my beloved dinner recipe (Think Lady and the tramp, love it!). And this dessert embodies romantic food… Make it for any special … Continue reading

March cookalong suggestions, bring them on..

So as mentioned in the cookalong explanation, I want to get everyone’s input for what they’d like the cookalong to be. So in the comments section pop in what you think it should be. Just to let you know we’re thinking of a Chocolate cookalong for April, so that’s taken care of! After a week … Continue reading

The Irish foodies cookalongs shenanigans:

So the Irish foodies cookalongs are now up and running, regular amd much looked forward to. What are these magical mysterious cookalongs, you may ask? Why I shall tell you good sirs! Once upon a time, there was an internet land far far too good at wasting my time called ‘Twitter‘. One blustery day coming … Continue reading

And so this is Christmas..

I have never been as excited for a cookalong as I was for this one. It’s a merry happy Christmas cookalong! To the scrooges of Christmas out there: I care not, I LOVE Christmas. I’ve had my good and bad ones, but in general I love it. In saying that, I reject anything remotely Christmassy … Continue reading