The chocolatiest of chocolate cake – Devils Food Cake.

When one has a chocolate cookalong, one of his or hers dessert must consist of a serious amount of Chocolate. And who better to turn to than Nigella. She is a goddess when it comes to kitchen treats, and let me just tell you, this one is no different… I’m glad I waited this long … Continue reading

‘I need an intervention’ Treacle Scones

You know when you tweak a recipe and it goes wrong. It’s so disappointing. You know what is not disappointing. This treacle scones recipe (Treacle is like molasses to all you them there foreign people). Oh my lord I love them. Now if you don’t like treacle, you are probably not going to like these. … Continue reading

Saturday at home with Strawberry Scones

Now first things first. These are called SC-OH-NES. Not scons as my father says, bless his cotton socks (that are clearly not helping his pronunciation). Right then. So I have had the opportunity go home sweet home for the first time in.. gosh.. almost 3 months, and whilst there I clearly had to raid my beloved … Continue reading