Name the lambs poll

As those of you that have been following (and I’m pretty sure that number is well up in the thousands) will know, I promised a poll. And now, that time has come. I have taken your suggestions and created THIS: So let’s have your votes ladies and gentlemen 🙂 EDIT And the votes are in. … Continue reading

The best-sounding medical terms/jargon/products Part 1

Every so often we come across something that has the most wonderful ring to it. Here are my favourites, what they make me think of, and what they actually are 1. Moxifloxacin: (Mocks–eeeee–flocks–a–sin) Sounds like: a golden haired rabbit’s name. Is actually: A flouroquinolone. 2. Dysdiadochokinesia Hah- try saying that one! Ok ok here: Dis–dye–ad–o–ko–kine–eas-ee–aa … Continue reading